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The Commery

The com.er.ry
Noun: Commery

1. A place where communication is created.

“Communications consulting by The Commery target the public, now.”

– All communication tools produced at The Commery reach out to chosen markets.

The About Section

In one line

We’re a dedicated team that gets the word going and manages reputations.

How ?

Through Public Relations, Event Management, Content Development, Social Media, Website Development, Branding & Design, Public Speaking Training... Oh come on, that's enough.

The Services
The Scope

Understanding the client’s needs and going that one step further, is integral to success. Here is a snapshot of what we have done.

The Work
Try us out.

If you ask around, our clients will only say good stuff (if they don't, tell us, and we'll deal with it...)

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We love communicating

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The Commery

Azarieh Building, Block 3, First Floor,
Downtown Beirut

009611 990 187


Technically, we work around the clock.
But if you want to get a hold of us, best to try from
Monday – Friday: 10 am to 5 pm