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Facebook lately: A pain or a gain?

Written by The Commery’s Leen Kalo

Facebook can either be a pain or a gain for businesses. With the increase of users on this platform, whether for personal or business use, it has become harder to catch up with meaningful news on the newsfeed. In steps Facebook. It has recently changed its newsfeed algorithm to ensure that content from friends, family and groups are prioritized – to ultimately encourage meaningful interactions between users. It may mean bidding farewell to public content that spams users’ profiles, such as posts from businesses and brands that may be irrelevant.

With this change however, the organic reach of business pages and their respective posts is decreasing. And its the pages that usually don’t have reactions or comments on their posts that are seeing the biggest decrease. On the other end of the spectrum, the pages that opt to build conversations between users on their posts are reaping the benefits.

So what can you do?

  • Focus on creating “Meaningful Interactions”

The focus should now be on creating quality content that generates meaningful conversations between users. This could mean posting about a relevant topic that users will definitely have an opinion on or ask questions in the post itself or in the caption. This will lead to more comments and reactions.

  • Avoid the “Engagement-bait”

Make sure you don’t ask your audience to make useless comments, especially if they don’t reflect your brand image. One such example is asking users to “COMMENT on this post if you love chocolate!” Come on, we all love chocolate, and Facebook will then decrease the reach of these posts.

  • More and more LIVE videos 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, live videos on Facebook usually get six times greater interactions in comparison to regular videos. Give it a try.

  • Encourage your users to select the “See First” button.

With all the changes that are happening to Facebook and the News Feed Algorithm, one thing that has not changed yet is the ability to select what pages you prefer to “See First” on your news feed. For that reason, don’t be shy to remind your followers to press the “See First” button and make sure your content is purposely selected to be seen.

The digital world, social mediums included, will continue to evolve. Facebook’s algorithms have been rapidly changing and they tend to affect businesses and brands in an adverse way. What you can do for now, is to stay up to date with the latest changes (we’ll be telling you about them), and adapt your online strategies accordingly. Make Facebook your business’ friend, not a foe…

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