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Fake News? When not to share…

Fake news is considered to be the plague of the online world. With the rise of social media, anyone can now be a journalist and everyone is a reporter. Users need to be on the lookout when reading or sharing any news on social media because anyone can broadcast any news he wants about a brand or a news event, and it can go viral on social media. However, this news that is being shared doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

Fake news refers to the spreading of false or misinformed news. It is a problem that the world has been facing for a long time because fake news has always been there. Due to current events occurring and because of the ability to wide spread anything on social media, the issue of fake news is now arising. This is why readers need to be careful when reading or sharing any news from social media. Always ask yourself whether what you’re reading is credible and trustable, and take the extra step of actually verifying the information:
-Is the author listed on the site?
-Is the post written by the brand itself?
-Is this news actually an advertisement?
-Are the sources being paid? Is the author being paid?
-Is the website this news appears on updated regularly?
-Can I find this same news in multiple places?

Make sure you check out legitimate news sources’ websites to get the latest news, and go to a brand’s official website to check out their latest updates. And don’t get most of your news from social media platforms…

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