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The Services

We understand that every client has their own requirements. We’ve worked with clients in a multitude of industries, across the MENA region (and have gone international a few times). Sometimes, something out of our scope is asked of us, and we will always assist when we can.

We have 4 main entities, all under The Commery umbrella:

The Commery

Public Relations

Which stakeholders matter to you? What do they want to know? How should we communicate with them? Once defined, we take care of:

  • Strategic communication
  • Media / Press and blogger / influencer relations
  • Article & feature write up
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Crisis management
  • Public speaking & media training jittery in public? Don’t know how to highlight three points in an interview? Have a big presentation? We’ll help you prepare.

The Commery


The production arm of The Commery handles all matters related to creating… whether a concept, video, web series, photoshoot or content.

  • Event management: Small or big, launches or conferences, exhibitions or media roundtables, we have it covered (no wedding requests please).
  • Content development: Have something to say, but don’t know how to put it into words? Share it with us in a bullet point or sign language, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Video production: Short informative videos on your brand or full-fledged web series, our team is ready to handle the concept creation, script write up, directing and production of the project.
  • Photoshoot: If you have a product photoshoot or one for a magazine, we have a pool of talented photographers that we manage, brief and get the results we need from.

The Commery


A digital presence that is properly managed is vital. This is what we offer:

  • Social media content development & management: We handle the content creation, the posting and the boosting.

The Commery


Branding and design: Let’s face it, visual identity is everything. Make sure your brand is translated into a logo, post or brochure in the most optimal way.


Step one

You come to us and inquire what we can do for your business. We get to know one another, and our interpersonal skills kick in. (From experience, the best business relationships start with mutual understanding and managed expectations)

Step two

We assess your business needs and come back to you with a plan. We modify the plan based on your feedback.

Step three

We have working sessions to get to know your business a little bit more. A plan is then put in place, and then we roll it out.